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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hi Shoppers!

Thanks for all your support and in coming emails although we have kinda disappeared for such a long time! We are really overwhelmed! A million thanks again! Yeah we are going to revamp our site for another product range so pls kindly be patient!;)

Right now, we do not import any more previous featured products from Japan. Our in stock products are also depleting so most of the products are already taken off our site. So sorry!

Good news is that we are giving out a 20% discount storewide for all in stock products (featured below) whilst stock lasts! These are all what we have left.;)First order+payment first send basis.

& orders above S$80, we will provide free registered postage right to your doorstep!

For orders or enquires, pls email us at closetbeauty@gmail.com.

Happy shopping and we hope to hear from all of you soon!



Train Bust Up Body Creator (*In stock=2)

Another amazing body shaping product not to be missed! Targets upper body shape refining with its exclusive cut to boost and lift busts while shaping waist. Corrects body posture by lengthening your spine, encouraging you to sit and walk upright. Special fabric infused with natural plant extracts to gently moisturise your skin.

Light and breathable material for super comfort wearing.

Item Code#017

Price: S$48.20

Size: Fits M-L (Bust 79-94cm)

Available in Beige.

Shiseido Majolica Majorca Jeweling Pencil

Newest and latest range from Majolica Majorca!! Sourced upon requests!

Look like a doll with this smudge proof Eyeliner!

Item Code#890

BR606 (*In stock = 2)
PK204 (*In stock = 2)

Price: S$15.50
Shiseido Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex

Newest and latest range from Majolica Majorca!! Sourced upon requests!

Look like a doll with this highly moisturising lipgloss!

Item Code#891

PK404 (*In stock =2)

PK102 (*In stock = 1)

Price: S$18.50

SANA Hari & Nori Mask (*In stock=3)

Highly nourishing and moisturising mask that promises to remove all fine lines and signs of aging around your eyes, lips, forehead and even between your brows. Contains natural plant extract collagen. With mild sakura flower fragrance.

Item Code#973

Price: S$23.50

Weight: 3 packs per box. 5 mask sheet per pack.

SANA Esteny Detocrush Gel (*In stock = 1)

Get toned and lose weight with this massaging gel! Contains natural ginger plant extract together with refined sea salt. With mild heating effect to burn off fats around tummy, thighs, butt and arms. Suitable for sensitive skin and everyday use.

Item Code#690

Price: S$ 28.50

Weight: 180g

KOSE Nourishing Eyelash Lotion (*In stock=2)

One of the best selling product from KOSE. Contains all essential ingredients to help strengthen and protects fragile eyelashes. Helps in lengthening of lashes too. Recommended to be used at night before sleep. Suitable for sensitive eyes.

Item Code#278

Price: S$25.60

Weight: 6.5ml

SANA Glitter Mascara (Silver) (*In stock=1)

Feel like a princess with this glitter mascara! Contains Vitamin E, helps protect, nourish and moisturise your lashes! Just brush a thin layer over your mascara and there you go!;) Can be used on bare lashes too.

Item Code#772

Price: S$24.10

PDC Chiffondu Eterney Stay (*In stock=2)

Made of natural plant extracts with moisturising and sebum control advantages. To be used before makeup as a base moisturiser. Reduces pore appearances and acting as a mild concealer, resulting in longer lasting makeup throughout the day. With SPF25 PA++.

Item Code#762

Price: S$25.10

Bouquetlash Extreme Curl Mascara (*In stock=1)

Promises extreme long lasting curls all day long with its specially designed mascara wand! Waterproof. Easily removed with makeup cleansing oil.

Item Code#733

Price: S$29.50

Facial Cleaning Pad (*In stock=4)

Specially designed for your nose. Scrubs away dead skin and black/white heads. Made of gentle material suitable for all skin types. A must-buy for this summer season!


Price: S$12.30

Size: 6x8x1.5cm

Aimedia Slim Face Mask (*In stock = 1)

Can't wait to get rid of your chubby, round face? Try this!;) Made of natural ingredients which moistures & at the same time, firms your cheeks & chin. No dryness. Only tightening feeling & in just 2 weeks, you are promised to see results!;)
Item Code#618

Price: S$22.80

Asahi Self-Heat Hair Curler (*In stock=1)

Yearning for feminine natural curls without all the hassel of permanent perming? Try this! No need to use water or electricity or even battery! Insert the self heating pads (heat up to 60-80oC when activated) in the rollers and curl them on your hair before securing with elastic bands to achieve your desired look! Only 10-20 minutes needed!;)

All items inclusive in the pack.

Item code#554

Price: S$15.90

Lucky Kaisha Fringe Styler (*In stock=2)

Sourced upon inpouring requests!

Styles your fringe in just 5 minutes & you are all ready to go!

We personally tried it & really, it's worth the buy definitely!;)

Item code#555

Price: S$15.90

Size: 12x5x2cm

Electronic beauty roller (*In stock=1)

Getting rid of double chin and improving the firmess of your chin, you got to try this! PLUS~ you can also use it on the arms to prevent flabby bye-bye arms. You can choose to rotate either clockwise or anti clockwise direction.
Item Code#18
Price: S$37.90

Size: 7.5x3.5x13.5cm

Good-Bye, Cellulite! Cell roller (*In stock=2)

Roll off extras fat and cellulite with this amazing roller! Small & convenient to bring everywhere! Use it while watching TV, reading, as when you like it!;) Helps to detoxify your body too as you massage your lymphatic system! Best suited for those who are lazy to exercise.;)

Item Code#741

Price: S$16.00

Size: 9.3x6.7x5cm

Cogit 24 Hrs Double Eyelid liquid (*In stock(night)=1)

Create your desired double eyelid & make it last for at least 24 hours!
Available in Day or Night Use.
For Day use: With slight gold shimmer. Use before makeup.

For Night use: Transparent liquid. Use before sleep & be surprised the next morning!

Water Resistant. Can be removed by makeup remover or olive oil.

Suitable for sensitive skin.

Item Code#326: Night
Item Code#327: Day

Price: S$27.80 each

Weight: 4.5ml

Shavy Femini Eye lash curl heater (*In stock=2)

Having problem with your manual eyelash curler? Try this! Battery operated & Safe to use (mild heat). Gives excellent result both before & after applying mascara. Separates lash by lash. We personally tried it & it really kept our lashes up the whole day!;)

Item Code#653

Price: S$24.60
Weight: 16g (*Battery not included but comes with mini dust brush)

"Goodbye Cellulite!" Cell roller (*In stock=1)

Roll off extras fat and cellulite with this amazing roller! Small & convenient to bring everywhere! Use it while watching TV, reading, as when you like it!;) Helps to detoxify your body too as you massage your lymphatic system!Best suited for those who are lazy to exercise.;)

Item Code#966
Price: S$19.90
Weight: 90g

"Calorie Off" Massage Buster Stocking(Menthol) (*In stock=1)

New addition to its series. Additional element in this massage buster: Menthol! Creates a "cooling" effect which helps to minimize the uncomfortable feeling of wearing it for the whole day. Good for ladies who are scared of stuffy heat.

Item Code#388

Price: S$25.30
Colour: Beige. Size: M-L (butt 85-98cm, length 150-165cm)

High Waist Hip Up Shorts (*In stock item = 2)

No sweat in achieving your desired curvy shape anymore! This innovative design shape the body by shaping your waist & at the same time, firming up your butt especially when wearing body hugging clothes.

Item Code#684
Price: S$27.00
Size: M-L (Waist 64-77cm, Butt 87-100cm

3 in 1 Slimming Inner Garment (*In stock=1)

Get your perfect figure & posture with this hot selling item from Japan! This inner garment not only corrects your sitting & walking posture, it also targets in slimming and toning of the main 3 points of our body:

1. Bust (up, up + firming)

2. Waist (slimming)

3. Butt (perk + firming)

Comfort wearing even in humid weather & under thick clothings. Excellent sweat absorbing ability.

Item code#688

Price: S$39.90

Colour: Beige

Size: M-L (Bust, 79-94cm. Waist, 64-79cm. Butt, 86-96cm.)

Electronic Eyebrow/Facial hair Shaver (*In stock=1)

No more plucking & tweezing of brows! Convenient & easy to use especially when you are in a hurry! This product is very popular in Japan due to its multi purpose usage. Can be used both as an eyebrow shaver as well as facial hair shaver (i.e. upper lip). Battery operated.
Guaranteed 100% safe to use.

Item Code#230 (*Battery not included)
Price: S$21.90

"Calorie off" Massage Shaper (Butt) (*In stock=2)

Want to have a firm & tight butt? Wear this everyday & burn 355kcal/hr! Guaranteed to meet your expectations if you wear it every day!

Colour: Beige , Size: M-L (Butt circumference : 85-98cm)
Item Code#80

Price: S$25.90

"Calorie off" Massage Shaper (Thigh) (*In stock=1)

Japan's hottest look now is to wear leggings with mini skirt, showing your firm thighs. Invest in this item and you will sure be the one showing off the hottest look for this season!

Colour: Beige, Size: 40-58cm
Item Code#810
Price: S$30.50

Face/Cheek Slimming Roller (*In stock=1)

Back by popular demand! Recommended by many Taiwanese stars in variety shows.;) Use for 10min everyday & we promise that you will see results just in 2 weeks! A must have!

Size: 25x5x3cm

Item Code#228
Price: S$19.90